Photo walking tours of Calgary

Photo walks are a great way to explore the city, engage with others who are interested in photography, and community build. It challenges one’s notions of their own environment: what do I like about my city? What is its identity? What do I like to photograph and why? Walking and taking pictures allows a person to slow down and take a look at things, to find moments of beauty, and to challenge their own notions of what is ‘safe’ and what is ‘dangerous’. It allows people to connect with each other and exchange information and experience.

This website is, in part, to showcase the photographs taken by individuals who participated in photo walks with fine art photographer Cat Schick in Calgary, 2010 – present. Please e-mail to send in your photos! All participants’ work is welcome.

If you find photographs that I’ve left around the city, please leave some feedback: your thoughts on the image, your feelings about where you live, your experiences of urban life…go to page and thanks!

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